5 Tips to Enhance Security at Home

Feeling safe and secure in your own home is a necessity. Knowing that when you go to bed at night, you and your family are in a secure home, will allow you to rest easy. There are multiple ways to enhance your home’s security including alarms, security systems, digital security measures, lights and more. At Twin Cities Glass and Aluminium, we work with homeowners to manage cost effective approaches including security screens and glass.

Here are our 5 tips to enhance your home security:
1. Security screens on every window.
Security screens become a perfect additional barrier separating you from outside intruders. That being said, you must install them onto every window in your home to maximise the security and effect of having them in the first place. When it comes to choosing the right window protection you may consider SecureView, our stylish security screen made from marine grade stainless steel or traditional diamond grill security screens. Both are high quality window security options.

2. Security screens on doors.
Often the front door of a home is the first point of entry that an intruder will tackle and becomes the home’s first line of defence. Unfortunately though, in some cases it is also the weakest link for many properties. Installing security screens on doors is a great way to deter thieves and keep what’s inside your home safe. It also becomes an easy way to save money on the electricity bill, by being able to leave the door open in the hotter months and let the breeze in while also keeping the pesky bugs at bay.

You may choose from traditional diamond grill security doors with high quality locks. These are available in a variety of colours to suit your home. Or if you are looking for a more stylish option, SecureView is available as a security door with high quality locks. The SecureView system is made from high quality marine grade stainless steel, which gives it superior strength and durability. It is hard wearing and has a long life cycle in harsh environments. SecureView is patented with chemical bonding technology (which is the same product that is used in sky scrapers and aircraft wings) so you know it’s strong!

3. Key lock your security screens.
It is very important to key lock your security screens. If you’ve got them installed then use them to their full potential and keep them locked. The latch (snib) on security screen doors does not achieve maximum security, as it is possible to access and unlock through cut screens. Key locking your screen will deter intruders, as it becomes a job for the too hard basket.

4. Repair any smashed or cracked glass.
Having cracked windows makes your home an easy target. Ensure that you have any damage fixed as soon as possible to avoid promoting your home as the street’s easy target. Don’t make it easy for intruders by giving them a head start and inviting them in.

5. Check that your security screens are high quality.
Investing in high quality screens will be the difference between a secure home or an easily accessible home. Quality doesn’t have to be expensive when it comes to the protection of your home valuables, and of course your family. Choose a reputable security screen that is designed to do its job, and do it well and keep unwanted guests outside where they belong.
We recommend researching your options, and choosing security that suits your requirements. Every family is different and every home is different. Knowing that your family is safe at home is the key to a good night’s rest.