Refresh your look


Refresh your look without the expense of a full renovation.

Sliding door wardrobes are a fantastic solution to create a whole new look and bring organisation into your life. The option of mirrored, gyprock, painted glass or Laminex doors gives you endless possibilities whilst refreshing the look of your bedroom.

Not only will you enjoy a fresh new look, the ability to de-clutter will transform your house hold. Storage options include:

·         Drawers

·         Shelves

·         Hanging rails

·         Overhead storage

·         Shoe racks

The combinations and design are completely up to you. You may consider a single full length hanging rail suitable for dresses and slacks or dual rails to fit in more shirts and shorts. Or perhaps even one of each as a his and hers option.

The overall size of the wardrobe is up to you. You may select two, three or four panel doors (or even more if you’re lucky enough to have that much space).