Security Products & Screens

Safety Screen
Your intermediate protection screen to suit sliding or hinged doors, windows, casements and louvre windows. Safety screens are made using 7mm aluminium grille and are available in a wide range of colours to suit your existing windows, or preferences. Safety screens come standard with a flyscreen mesh, however can easily be upgraded to Midgee mesh for greater protection from insects or Pet mesh for improved durability. Doors are available with both single or triple locking options

Barrier Screen (Xceed)
For increased security you can upgrade to our Xceed perforated high tensile aluminium security screens to suit your windows or doors. When doors are installed with a triple locking system they rate to an increased level of security for your home. Xceed barrier screens come with a conditional 7 year warranty.

_MG_0138Secureview Screens
The ultimate in security protection, woven 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh and heavy duty frames ensure the safety of you and your family. Manufactured to suit sliding windows, casements and louvre windows, Secureview screens come in a range of frame colours to suit your personal taste or to match your existing window colours.  All Secureview screens carry a conditional 11 year warranty for that ultimate peace of mind. Secureview doors also come standard with a triple locking system.

Fire escape Screens
In the unlikely event of a fire, escaping through a bedroom window may be your only option. Available with the Secureview Stainless steel grille or Xceed perforated barrier mesh, we can supply and install a swinging or sliding screen to most windows.

Insect Screens
We supply insect screens for a multitude of window and door types. The choice of insect mesh available for the screens includes:

  • Flyscreen – standard mesh to prevent flies, mosquitoes and most insects;
  • Midgee mesh – mesh with a tighter weave that prevents smaller midgee insects;
  • Pet mesh – a tougher mesh to provide resistance to cat and dog clawing.

Flyscreens allow natural ventilation through open windows and so help to reduce your power bills. Besides the insects, they also keep leaves and other airborne debris from entering your home. They are relatively simple to make and cost effective. They do not obstruct your view through the windows.

Made to suit sliding and hinged doors, windows, casements and louvre windows, flyscreens provide the most basic of protection from insects, while micro mesh or Midgee mesh provide greater protection from smaller insects. Have a cat or dog constantly scratching at your screens? Why not upgrade to Pet Mesh for longer lasting protection.

We can also supply screens for fire attenuation to stop airborne burning embers if required by local building regulations.

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